Welcome to the world of human dynamics at work

Are you a team member? 
Do you lead people within a company or an association? 

Do you firmly believe that human cooperation is at the centre of any organization? 
However, you sometimes find that working with others is easier said than done? 

Do you aspire to draw energy from your collective interactions rather than losing it? 
Are you looking for fluidity, trust, pleasure and lasting results in your collaboration? 

You are in the right place

Start your journey into the heart of human interactions with InterAEkt

Empowering humans working together

What we offer

ways to progress  in acting together


Develop your individual and collective skills to collaborate effectively. Learn how to embrace differences. Learn how to find your rightful place in a group, while also leaving room for others. Our tailor-made courses are designed to meet your specific needs and context.

Team coaching

Explore our team coaching journey, designed to facilitate dialogue and identify concrete and adapted actions to improve your team's work. Benefit from stimulating group sessions and personalized leadership coaching. For teams of 2 to 10 members.

Tailor-made interventions

Benefit from personalized support for your team or your organization. Our tailor-made interventions combine training, coaching, and/or facilitation of change to specifically meet your needs. Together, let’s prevent and overcome tensions, and find simplicity at the heart of complex situations.

"A real game changer for the team and myself"

— A manager at the end of the team coaching journey

Why develop our power to act together?

In a world where collaboration and mutual understanding are vital for the proper functioning of teams and organizations. At times when fostering improvement, innovation, and collective creation is key, we care to act as your privileged partner. At InterAEkt, we help you cultivate fluid human interactions, strengthen team spirit and action, and aim for sustainable personal and collective growth.

Why work with us?

Our approach goes far beyond using and transmitting tools and methods; it focuses on a deep understanding of your situations at work. Your reality and perspectives guide the journey we undertake together. We take a collaborative approach because we believe it's essential to go forward and have a lasting impact. Whether you’re looking to energize your team, resolve conflicts, develop leadership skills, facilitate change, or transform your organization’s culture, InterAEKt is your fellow traveler in this exciting adventure.

Ready to travel to the heart of your collective interactions?
To invest in the quality of your team?

Liesbeth, in cooperation with her partners, always starts by assessing your current situation with your active participation. Then, we support you in developing your abilities to act together: how to think, reflect, communicate, decide, act, adjust, and reiterate together! 
Because the quality of your human interactions directly influences your teams' results. 
Don't hesitate, you deserve to evolve within a qualitative team!